Tent material "Ruchaika" is a three-layer PVC material. The basis of the material is a fabric made of polyester technical threads. The base is coated on both sides with a PVC composition, additionally it can be varnished on one or two sides.

Scope of PVC materials:
- manufacturing of architectural and frame structures, frame and awning structures, large hangars, summer cafes, pavilions, temporary storage warehouses, insulating pools and other technical purposes;
- production of car covers, hangars, inflatable boats, inflatable trampolines, attractions, tubing (cheesecakes);
- for canopies, curtains, shelters and other technical purposes.

Awning materials "Ruchaika" have the following advantages:
- resistance to temperature extremes (operating temperature range from -30 ° С to + 70 ° С);
- frost resistance;
- fire safety;
- resistance to aggressive substances (including oil, gasoline);
- combination of strength, low weight and plasticity;
- water resistance;
- long service life;
- wide range of colors.