JSC "Ruchaka" carries out production and repair of curtain tents. Our own production base ensures constant availability of materials with various technical characteristics, and highly qualified personnel and modern equipment allows us to quickly fulfill the requests of our customers. We would like to inform you that for a high-quality production of a curtain awning, we need to receive from you the exact dimensions (scheme).

The advantages of our curtain tents:
- wide color range of materials;
- high quality products (unique formulations of PVC compositions);
- advanced technologies for applying PVC (modern equipment);
- a wide range of operating temperatures of the material (from -30 to +70);
- non-toxic material;
- material resistance to gasoline and oils;
- water resistance;
- advertising opportunities for branding (printing your advertising information on the material);

Benefits of cooperation with OJSC Ruchaika:
- prompt manufacturing;
- constant availability of materials and components;
- mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.


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