JSC "Ruchaika" produces gray yarn.

Yarn is a thread twisted: from longitudinally and successively arranged fibers. Yarn is produced from natural fibers (six, cotton, linen, silk) or various chemical fibers (viscose, polyester, polyamide, etc.). Depending on the fiber composition, the yarn can be homogeneous, consisting of fibers of one type, or mixed - from a mixture of two or more types of fibers.
Also, the yarn is distinguished by its structure. OJSC "Ruchaka" produces two types of gray yarn: single and twisted. Single yarn is produced on spinning machines by twisting fibers. Twisted yarn is produced by twisting two or more strands.

The production base of the Ruchaka factory allows processing several types of natural and chemical fibers and producing both single-component yarns and yarns of various mixed compositions using a carded ring spinning system. The yarn is made from a blend of polyester, viscose, cotton, cottonized linen and other fibers in various combinations. It is used in its own production of technical fabrics, and is also sold to enterprises in the textile and knitwear industry in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

JSC "Ruchaika" offers the following range of yarns:
- one-component yarn from natural and chemical fibers, single and twisted (2 additions);
- linen-containing yarn. single and twisted (2 additions);
- heat-resistant yarn Arselon, single and twisted (2 additions).


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