Roofing membrane МК2-1350

Roll roofing material based on plasticized polyvinyl chloride coating

  • Артикул: МК2-1350
  • Масса 1 м 2, гр.: 1350
  • Длина в рулоне, м.п.: 25
  • Ширина рулона, м.: 2,5

Roofing membrane МК2-1350 is a polyester fabric reinforced with a three-layer application of PVC composition, coated on both sides with laquer.

The basis of the produced roofing membrane is woven, which essentially inreases its operational characteristics.


Article Weight Varnish Width, mm Length Colour Frost resistance Flammability class
МК2-1350 1350 double-sided 2500 25 grey RAL(7035)  - 30 °С Г4